Pardon For Paws

Ziggy Pardon for paws is a Volunteer based service I offer to the community and to the countless pets found in our shelters, pounds and local rescues.  I will photograph a number of pets from these facilities and provide the photos, accordingly, to feature that particular pet and increase that pets chances of finding  his/her perfect home.

Studies have proven that pets that have a professional grade photo have  an increased number of adoption rates than pets that have only a shelter photo available for viewing.  Shelters tend to be dark and damp not exactly appealing to the eye of an Adoptee <– as we all know we [humans] do not adopt them [the pets], they adopt us!  Many people are looking for a certain look in a pet, however others are looking for personality. Professional photos with the proper lighting can show off both sides the true color and look of a dog or cat, as well as their true personalities spunky or passive!

Shelter photos tend to portray the same personality from pet to pet.  Whether that pet be a docile couch potato or a clumsy, energized puppy, they all tend to look sad, scared, dirty and some even sickly.  None of which would appeal to the average every day family looking for a pet, leaving many potentially perfect matches, Yet again HOMELESS for another day.  Whereas, a professional grade photo shows the pet most times outdoors and relaxed being themselves portraying more of that particular pets true personality and looks, bringing in return attracting more of a biased crowd, which in this case is good for all involved. The end result means a home without a brindle colored, spunky puppy, now has a brindle colored spunky puppy to run and play with their kids, to provide a life of fun filled memories and unconditional love.

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