A Day on the St. John’s River

A Day on the St. John’s River

  This morning we woke up to the beautiful Florida sunshine, and a cool breezy morning. Perfect morning for a day of Pontooning on the St. John’s River. So that is exactly what we done. Packed up the kids and our visiting family from Ohio, and off to the Swamp House Grill we went. As we all piled into the boat we had some company emerge from beneath the dark shimmering water, A little Three foot alligator. As our visitors became astonished,scrambling for their cameras,  having never seen an alligator in person. We were able to capture a picture or two of him before we set off for our journey down the river.

As we took off we decided we would take the scenic route navigating through some canals and dead-end coves. We were going to make every attempt to find a few more alligators and maybe a few manatees too. I quickly realized with the amount of sunlight and the very clear skies this day was going to make for a day full of photos and a dead camera battery.


As we approached the first bend I was taken by the abundance of feathered creatures scattered throughout the tree lines along the bank. With some minor lighting adjustments and some noise reduction I was able to capture them in flight and perched. (Some of them were a little blurry using someone elses camera)

Coming to the first canal we unanimously decided that we are going to journey down the canal to spot a few water elephants :-), Manatees are my favorite if you haven’t figured that out yet.  No Alligators or Manatees in this canal. But still a beautiful Journey.


Exiting the canal and trolling across the lake again, the children want to drive. Giving the children a chance to navigate the boat up stream with their Great Grand-father, to the Lake Beresford bend, brought back many memories from my childhood driving the boat with my Grand-father.

As we approached Lake Beresford there still haven’t been any alligators and absolutely no Manatees. Capturing the beautiful scene of the banks of the St. John’s River seems to be all I am going to get today. As we approach a cove  we debate, taking it or passing it by it is a narrow entrance, We take our chances. Oh, and am I ever so glad we did!

This cove is filled with the remainders of many old boats. Now known to us as the St. John’s Garden of Boats Past.


As we troll down the cove nearing the end sure to see some form of life in these quiet still watersWe are surrounded by old abandoned shrimping boats, fishing boats, boats unlike any boat I have never seen before. It is a playground for photography!  With some minor adjustments to lighting and saturation. I have captured these boats forever.

Although, they may be lifeless, they are breathtaking in their own way. On the way out of the cove we passed the “Lone Fisherman” entering into the St. John’s Garden of Boats Past. I didn’t see a fisherman in a boat, I seen a BEAUTIFUL PHOTO!

As we exited the cove and started back down the waters, we are creeping up to yet another bend in the path. This time just on the other side I can see a tree standing in the passage alone…I quickly reach for the camera…

We turn the bend and there seems to be a never ending stream of sparkling and glistening  stars of light reflecting off the crests of the water. I couldn’t find the resistance from within to refrain from snapping a picture or two.

As the journey came to an end I felt good about the AMAZING shots I captured. I was anxious to get home and enhance them and play with the tools I have at hand. I have a strong passion for photography and I spent an entire day doing what I love! Taking and editing photos. I am Finally living my dreams.

Full gallery of Before and after photos can be found at Brittney’s Touch Facebook.

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